It all started with a poorly pup...

It all started with this fluffy little Cockapoo we named Poppy.

Poppy was a sick little puppy, constantly having infections and upset tummy. We were at the vets pretty much every week for anti-sickness and diarrhoea medicines, food trials, blood tests, IBS testing, samples under sedation. She was cuddly and happy to sleep most of the day, unusual for a cross of two working breeds. 


The breakthrough came after we had exhausted both shop bought foods and veterinary  prescribed foods and one of the new vets at our practice suggested to start an Elimination diet, starting with 6 weeks of the blandest horrible looking food that even poor little Poppy didn't want to eat when she went on hunger strike. We persevered and the diet worked. Her tummy issues cleared up but new foods set off her tummy again. We make an excel spreadsheet of all the things she could and couldn't eat and soon found 'Hydrolysed' dog food. It was a miracle, she was a different dog overnight and actually ate the food we gave her. She was bouncing and chasing the ball, full of energy.


The issue we now had was that she couldn't eat any treats. I looked through countless bags of treats online and in various stores to always find one or two ingredients she couldn't have. So she would get her dry food as treats, which she soon clocked onto.

I remember talking to another dog owner with a Boxer who commonly have allergies too and they had to do the same, just give dry food as treats. I didn't want this for her as it would be like us having soup for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. So i started looking into baking my own treats. Starting with our Banana Bones. Two of Poppy's favourite things... Bananas and Carrots!

It wasn't long until we were on holiday in Cornwall and people saw my treats and commented that they'd buy them if I sold them as their dogs had issues. I never realised how many dogs have the same issues.

This is when Yazzy's Yummies was born...



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