Poppy - Chief Taster

Her Breed

Poppy is a 3 year old Toy Poodle x Working Cocker Spainel.

Her Favourite things to do

She loves nothing better than chasing after a ball. She will happily do this for well over an hour, even if she is tired. Her home boarder has looked after dozens of working spaniels but said he's never had a dog that works so hard that his arms end up hurting the next day!

All bark, no bite

This little one loves to bark at the door, whether it be a food delivery person, our friends, her friends, or the postman. She sounds viscous - a proper little guard dog.

Her loves

She loves carrots - this is her favourite thing to nibble on. But they have to be peeled and cut into batons or else she will give you 'the look' to say 'you expect me to eat this!?'

Her dislikes

This little one will not touch another dogs ball. You think we're joking!? If you throw a ball for her and she goes to pick it up, she'll sniff it and realise it's got another dogs saliva on it. It's become a running joke in our dog classes when we forget to bring our ball. Hence she is affectionately called'Princess Poppy'. The same goes for water bowls!


Poppy, like most of our customers' dogs I suspect, has many sensitivities. Unfortunately this means that she can only have a specific diet otherwise she gets poorly.

Rossi - Deputy Taster

His Breed

Rossi is a nearly 2 years old Cockapoo - we think. He is a rescue so we can't be sure but he appears to be a Miniature Poodle x Cocker Spaniel.

His Favourite things to do

He loves nothing more than being silly. This boy really knows how to have fun. He is a puppy trapped in an adults body. We think due to being a rescue he is just having his puppy-hood now.

Timid but loving

This little boy appears to have been abused in his past. He has come on leaps and bounds and is 'the example' in dog classes. He used to be very reactive, lunging and barking at people but with a lot of love and patience this has been settling more and more. 

His loves

He loves to be loved. This boy just wants to be adored.  He also loves to be a little sod and be a naughty little boy.

His dislikes

The Vets! We have been working with our lovely local vets, taking him in for familiarisation visits regularly which has definitely helped. But still requires sedation for injections and close up checks. 


Rossi, like Poppy and most of our customers' dogs I suspect, has many sensitivities. Unfortunately this means that he can only have a specific diet otherwise he gets poorly.



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