Our Love of the Environment

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

What makes us different from other companies?

  • We use Cellulose bags for our treats instead of plastic

  • Our business cards are printed on Eco-friendly card with natural colouring

  • We use pre-loved cardboard boxes and packaging when sending out Yazzy's Yummies in the post. This means that there one less box getting made and the box we use to send the treats out in is now not a single use item. This cuts down on virgin paper production, CO2, electricity, water etc being used to make more.

  • We use cleaning products from Eco conscious companies and always are looking for better solutions

  • The food waste from our ingredients goes into our compost bin or the food waste collection bins

  • We constantly try to find new ways to be better, to minimise our impact on the environment


Why do we do it?

I have been an avid 'recycler' for more years than I can remember (much to my colleagues' and family's dismay) and most recently over the last few years been reducing a lot of our  overall plastic consumption, making my own bath and beauty products from bulk bought ingredients, refilling containers I already have, replacing plastic items with wood or bamboo.

Until I started baking Poppy 'special' treats I would get upset over the amount of single use plastic we would go through when chopping up treats ready for our walks. Such a waste, but I thought there was no alternatives... until now.

When we first researched starting our own dog treats business I said to my Husband that my Eco values has to be at the centre of what we are doing. I will not be another company who value profit over the environment. 



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