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The Market Garden

Since opening in May 2012, we’ve built “The Market Garden” to become your one-stop-shop for local produce.


Our priorities are local first, then British, then organic where the price is right.


Alongside our comprehensive selection of fruit and veg, we are also the first in Oxfordshire to offer zero-waste shopping on a large scale with over 100 bulk products to choose from.


Come along with your empty jars and containers and do your bit to fight the plastic problem!

32-34 Mill Street, Eynsham, Witney, OX29 4JS Tel: 01865 604571  



Fillable operates on the basis of refill, reuse, reduce. You can refill your own containers with pasta, rice, sugars, cereals, pulses and dried fruits.


We also offer a range of household and personal care products which avoid the need for single use plastic, to help you make the switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

It’s not ‘all or nothing’. Start somewhere. Use up what you have. Refill, reuse, reduce, repair, refuse, recycle. Make small sustainable changes.

See website for upcoming events: www.fillable.co.uk Tel: 0330 229 1974

The Refill Pantry

Recycling is not enough!


Like so many others, I am meticulous about recycling as much as I can of my household waste.

Now, when I look in my bin to see what I throw away, it almost completely consists of plastic packaging from pasta, rice, cereals and the plastic film that covers so many packaged products. I am also very aware of the huge amount of plastic I put into our recycling bin, and started to consider ways to reduce this.

Buying products using my own bags and containers would be the way forward , but it made me aware of a gap in the market in St Albans. After much research, several shop visits and six months planning, I am thrilled that The Refill Pantry is up and running :)"

The Refill Pantry. 26 London Road, St Albans, AL11NG​.   Tel: 01727 800111


Eco Tree Shop

ecoTree started out selling bamboo toothbrushes on eBay as a way of making them more widely available, and is now a fully-fledged shop offering a range of eco-friendly, sustainable, and zero-waste products.


We guarantee that none of our products have unethical roots, most come from small businesses who share our own values in sustainability and ethics both in human and animal treatment.

94 The Market Hall, Carlisle, Cumbria. Tel: 07798 680873

facebook.com/ecotreeshop & Instagram.com/ecotreeshop



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